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Build Instructions:

Step 1 - Download Source

Step 2 - Install WIX from here: (I last installed WIX 3.7)

Step 3 - Open Dev-All.sln

Step 4 - Select the Solution Platform (x86, Any CPU, or x64).

Step 5 - Build.

Install Instructions:


Option 1 - Using the GUI in Visual Studio
Step 1 - Right click on your Visual Studio project and choose Manage NuGet Packages.
Step 2 - Make sure Online is selected on the left.
Step 3 - Search for WPFSharp.Globalizer.
Step 4 - Click Install

Option 2 - Using Package Manager Console in Visual Studio

Step 1 - Run the following command i the Package Manager Console

install-package WPFSharp.Globalizer


If you build it yourself, then you can install using an MSI. You would do this if you are releasing multiple projects with the same dll. Think of it like a runtime. If you have a suite of ten apps that use it, why include the dll ten time when you can install it once.
Step 1 - Locate the MSI files in the build directory.

Step 2 - Determine if you need x86 or x64 (you should have built the correct version)

Step 3 - Run the MSI.

The DLLs should now be installed in the GAC.

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